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Downtown Birmingham 1885 It was started as a rooming house or boarding house and the earliest known pictorial of the building is from an atlas of the entire Downtown Birmingham created in 1885 by The Norris, Wellge & Co No 107 Wells St, Milwaukee, WI that shows the entire downtown including my building in it’s fully constructed stage.
Birmingham 1887 The next know diagram of this location is from an atlas of Birmingham from 1887 where it shows that it was owned by one of the first judges in Birmingham, a justice O’Connor...
1900 In 1900 I have a newspaper article where it shows that the first floor was WM Sitt’s Union Barber shop > IMAGE GALLERY
Early 20's This was also the home of the Nunnaly candy store in the early 20s
From that date to more of the 1930 I don’t’ have much history but at that stage it became the first Bromberg jewelry store and I’ve included that picture also.
Late 60's It then went through a stage where it along with the other buildings to its left all became the Parisians department store I believe in the late 60s or so.
Disrepair Lastly it was the Hannover store and from them it fell into dismal disrepair
1900's The Glory When my wife and I bought it was had not been inhabited for well over a decade and no running water, bad wires. We gutted the whole thing and restored it back to it’s original glory.
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